Small talk about the past and heartfelt impulses

Let’s get to know each other.

In 2004 I graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University with a degree in linguistics and intercultural communication. That’s why I’m proficient in English and know German and French a bit.

I worked in differend spheres from business education to industrial equipment, law and software before I devoted myself to translating and copywriting.

Besides a glimpse of completely different businesses this experience has taught me to perceive large amounts of information, cope with new tasks in a short time. And it means that I’ll be able to learn and understand the details of your business very quickly.

All this was great, BUT…

Despite the merits of working in foreign representative offices, I constantly felt that there’s a job which could make full use of my potential and make me much happier.

I recieved a chance to do what was mine in 2015. At my office work I made translations with a relatively large degree of consistency, but this task was never among my primary duties, though I liked it. That’s why I made up my mind to concentrate on it after getting more free time. I made translations for a translation agency “Tsentr Perevoda” (“Translation Center”) for some time.

A Useful Supplement

In 2016 I learned by chance about Julia Volkodav’s School of Copywriting. I decided that business writing could be a useful supplement to my translation work and undertook a full course in copywriting.

Certificate for the course in copywriting

Some long time ago I watched a film “That Women Want”. There was an episode when the protagonist creates a slogan. And this episode impressed me for many years of my life. “That’s a real job!” — I thought then.

Nick Marshall’s outstanding result in “That Women Want”

Penetrating into other people’s thoughts, capturing their desires and give them what they want… It’s difficult, but extremely breathtaking. Nick’s work required enormous efforts from him, like from an Olympic champion, for achieving an outstanding result. But it engaged his mental and creative abilities instead of his body. I wanted to do and feel the same.

That’s how it happened that Nick Marshall’s creative agony helped me to choose further direction for my professional development. Marketing became a point of contact between my translation and copywriting work.

Wonderful Present

Marketing is my main area of expertise in translation. And marketing is copywriters’ god, whereas translating and copywriting greatly complement each other.

I finished a course “Translation of Marketing Texts” by an expert in marketing and literary translation Nadezhda Kazantseva and officially confirmed my status of a professional marketing translator.

Attestation for the course in marketing translation

Returning to copywriting, I’d like to add, that I have several favourite fields of expertise. However they don’t limit my scope of work. But I’d rather confess, that I don’t touch medical, legal and technical texts which require deep knowledge of the subject.

And I always like the product I’m writing about.

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